4399: Relics can be picked up without owning own relic

Reported by ☆ Skulleffer at Sat, 19 Aug 2017 03:54:53 UTC
gamemechanic bug


Midgard and Albion power relics were removed from MIDGARD Shrine. Albion Power relic dropped to the ground outside of the keep. Midgard was able to pick up and recover the relic without owning their own.

Reproduction Steps

1. Be a Mid
2. Have relics raided. Alb relic and Mid relic get removed from shrine.
3. Kill person holding alb relic
4. See you are able to pick up ALB relic, while yours is missing

Intended Behavior

Make it so you "cannot pick up this relic!" without owning your own relic (in the keep!)



Original Game manual describing relics


Issue was invalid:
Upon review, this will not be implemented as contradiction has been found of 1.70av patch note: https://forums.freddyshouse.com/threads/alb-power-relic.2279/
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