4388: The coin icons are not showing on my inventory

Reported by ☆ Aresdeity at Tue, 15 Aug 2017 02:29:12 UTC
gamemechanic bug


My inventory no longer shows coin icons above the currency I have. My brother also is having this issue. Previously I was using Windows Vista and had no issues, I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and after a clean fresh install of DAoC & Uthgard I now no longer can see the coin icons above my money in the inventory. It does not hinder my game play, but it is some type of bug. My brother also uses Windows 7, he is having the issue as well.

Reproduction Steps

1. Try installing and running Uthgard on a Windows 7 OS.

Intended Behavior

I am unsure as to what will fix this. I have tried reinstalling my client to no avail. I checked in game settings, tweaked my resolution and still no luck. I finally started asking other players from my guild and most said they didn't have the issue, a handful claimed to have the same bug.


I don't have any screenshots of conversations based on the this issue.


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