4372: Secret of Nuada's Silver lvl 20 - Step #12 bad npc

Reported by ☆ Minaya at Tue, 08 Aug 2017 21:02:08 UTC
worldbuild bug
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Step 12 of Secret of Nuada's Silver you should get back a merman skin to the merchant at Daingean but the merchant don't want the skin.

Instead i was able to give the skin to the Guardian next to him right of the tower.

Reproduction Steps

1. Have a hero, ranger, warden, eldritch lvl 20
2. Make all the epic quests until Secret of Nuada's Silver level 20
3. Make all the step of the quest until Slevin ask to give him a 'merman skin'
4. Kill a Merman to get the 'merman skin'
5. Try to give the skin to Slevin he will refuse.
6. Try to give the skin to the Guardian he will accept.

Intended Behavior

The journal ask to get back the merman skin to the merchant.

He's the one who ask you for the skin.

The skin should be given to the merchant and not the guardian.


Step #12 ask to give the merman skin to the Merchant.

Only merchant in this place is Slevin.

Guardian is not a merchant.

They talk about the merchant too.


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