4363: Sprirtmaster damage shields are not stacking properly

Reported by ☆ Zephoras at Thu, 03 Aug 2017 04:43:27 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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The spiritmaster's damage shields are not stacking properly, Gift of the fallen on it's own will hit for 6-9 damage, when the focus shield Spirit's revenge is added to the pet, the game cut's both of their damages in 1/2.

Gift of the fallen alone hits for 6-9 damage
Gift of the fallen + Spirit's revenge together each hit for 2-4

Reproduction Steps

1. summon spirit fighter
2. buff with gift of the fallen and attack a blue\green mob
3. stack spirit's revenge and watch the damage get cut by 50% for both.

Intended Behavior

Focus shield should stack with the temporary damage shield dealing 100% of both of their damages, this build is known for dealing impressive damage just by allowing the spirit fighter to be hit. I wish I could quantify how strong the shields are but I presume just allowing them to deal their 100% damage each would fix it.

I would also like to add that I have built this build on live before and in genesis, in comparison to Uthgard the spirit fighter is seriously shredded when multiple mobs are hitting it including 2-3 green mobs. I am unable to explain why this is but I have spoken to others whom also agree that there is a difference between 1v1 killing vs taking mobs in multiples. In essence the sprit fighter will chain kill 3 blues in a row 1v1 with no heals but will die when 3 blues are hitting it at once. I wish I had more data for you on this but it just feels different.


Having the mechanic in this fashion make's the focus shield useless, why burn power on a focus shield when you can just cast the 60 second shield and simply refresh it in the end doing the same damage.

If memory serves me correct the focus shield is power hungry and did more damage than the temporary shield.


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