4357: [Housing] Server reboot cause loss on stacked items

Reported by ☆☆☆ Zodus at Sat, 29 Jul 2017 10:53:07 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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Currently the value of stacks within house vaults is not saved properly.
When stacking up multiple stacks together there is an item loss of the exact amount of the value from the moved stack. This loss happens when server gets rebooted.
Not completly sure what cause that issue. But i assume as long as the combined value of the items keeps the same amount there is no saving process of each slot. So when server reboots the stacks jumps back to the default value. If one slot is now empty because it merged earlier completly with other stacks (dosen't matter how many) these items are lost.

Here I merged two stacks together (a 2 and 8 stack). I moved the 2 stack to the 8 stack. after server reboot the 10 stack i recived form the merge decreased to 8.

before reboot:
after reboot:

When you merge stacks and there is atleast 1 unit left from the moved stack at the default slot (because maximum stack size is reached) Server reboot just cause a reset to the dafault stack sized before merging -> no item loss

Default position:
After merging stacks:
After server reboot:

Reproduction Steps

1. Have 2 stacks of the same item stored in house vault
2. The sum of both stacks have to be exact or smaller than the maximum stack value
3. click on the icon on the first stack
4. click on the NAME of the second stack to merge them together (not 100% sure what happens when you click on the icon again)
5. wait for server reboot
6. after reboot the amount of the first stack is missing

Intended Behavior

The value of stacked items is not properly saved when items are moved within the house vault


Screenshots added above hope it's detailed enough.


issue was resolved by Blue
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