4349: Lvl 40 epic reward has thrust weapon with slash bonus

Reported by ☆ Bracnogard at Wed, 26 Jul 2017 03:30:36 UTC
worldbuild bug
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If you complete the level 40 Guild of Shadows epic quest, Captain Rhodri gives you the choice of a slash, crush, thrust, or flex weapon. My Reaver is leveling with thrust, so I chose the thrust weapon "Kiss of Death". The item is a thrust weapon with +5 Slash and +4 Parry. Per a comment in the evidence link to Allakhazam, this appears be the stats for Bloodletter, the slash weapon (see the comment from March 2003 at the bottom). It would appear that the stats for this could have possibly copied from that item without consideration to the item's damage type.

There's no stats listed for Kiss of Death, but I'd think a thrust weapon would have +Thrust and not +Slash.

Reproduction Steps

1. Complete the level 40 epic quest as a Reaver
2. Select the Kiss of Death reward
3. Look at the item's stats

Intended Behavior

Review the stats for the level 40 Reaver epic quest drops and determine if they match known stats on live, and if no data can be found from live, consider modifying stats as needed so an epic quest weapon doesn't give bonuses to a type other than itself.


Delve info for Kiss of Death:

Link to Allakhazam showing stats for this item may have been pulled from someone's comment on a different item:


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