4338: Necro Epic Quest lvl 43 Capt Rhodri unresponsive

Reported by ☆ Abysal at Sat, 15 Jul 2017 06:40:51 UTC
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I'm level 46 and when I went to Snowdonia (Captain Rhodri) to continue my "Lord of Deceit" quest [Step #1] he says "I had not expected you to arrive so soon Necromancer. Give me a moment to gather my thoughts." but then nothing more happens. He does give the emote "Captain Rhodri raises and eyebrow." but nothing more.

I think it fair to mention that when I completed the previous quest in the line I was not prompted to select my staff so I just /say the name of the staff I wanted and he gave it to me. I'm not sure that has an impact as I still got the continuation to the next step in the epic but I thought I should mention it.

Reproduction Steps

1. Obtain level 46 and complete all previous (up to level 40) epic quests.
2. Right click on Captain Rhodri to continue the level 43 epic quest.

Intended Behavior

Capt Rhodri should respond with "It is good to see you in excellent health. Sir Bors will be most pleased it is you who answered his call for help. We are in need of your skill and the insight you have into the locals of Barfog. As I indicated in your message, you will be rewarded well for your efforts. Are you still willing to [assist us]?"

But, I never get that message.


Screenshot speaks for itself. I am unable to continue the quest as the quest suggests.


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