4324: Tireless is broken ( with proof )

Reported by ☆ Skattybrat at Sun, 09 Jul 2017 03:43:31 UTC
gamemechanic bug


The RA tireless is described as, Increased Endurance Regen
now look at Friar ability Fatigue regen ( self chant ) increase fatigue regen by 2 .. Looks at warden ability Fatigue regen ( self chant ) increase fatigue reden by 4 .. Look at pally , shaman, bard ECT. They all say the same thing .. FATIGUE REGEN . Tireless is not working like a fatigue regen. And it clearly IS a fatigue regen.

Reproduction Steps

1. make any melee class get tireless 2
2. make friar get fatigue regen
3. compare time it take for each to regen from 0 to 100%

Intended Behavior

Tirless should should be brought up to the level of all other fatigue regens in the game .. It is the only fatigue regen in the whole game that doesent currently act like every other fatigue regen in game ..


look at all fatigue regens in the game and youll see the problem .. No evidence beyond that should be needed.


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