4318: "Ferrite Winding Crank" assigned as crafting task on mid

Reported by ☆ Aiwia at Thu, 06 Jul 2017 18:56:41 UTC
worldbuild bug
0 confirmations


I as a midgard player got the crafting task at weapon crafting 420 (no thats not a joke)
Its not a mid item, its infact a hib item, and a hib crafting material.

Reproduction Steps

1. go to 400-420 weapon crafting
2. aquire crafting task from aase
3. Might not get this everytime, but i guess aquire task and cancel task, rinse repeat till u get the wrong one

Intended Behavior

Remove it so u dont get that particular item as a crafting task option.. infact its requirement is 475 so if it was a mid item, it still wouldnt be a desireable task to get as a crafter trying to raise their rank.


Getting a hib item task on the midgard realm, cant be anything than a bug.


issue is new, and needs confirmation
requires 3 more confirmations
votes (priority): 2
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