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4309: Quickcast not working correctly under certain circumstances

Reported by ★★ Manos at Thu, 29 Jun 2017 13:38:36 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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This is related to 4305 which was tagged as Invalid before I had a chance to respond...I've also added clarification

Quickcast is supposed to let you cast your next spell without interruption. Under certain circumstances this does not work. You hit QC then attempt your next spell and will be given a message like you are interrupted and must wait x seconds to cast.
In the screen shot I've attached, I was casting at range against another caster. I hit QC then attempted to cast a spell. The message that was displayed is "you must wait 1 sec to cast". In the previous ticket it was stated that I "hit QC twice". This is not the case. The line in chat saying "you must wait 1 sec to cast" is what is displayed when I attempted to cast a spell...which should have worked since you can see I previously hit QC. This may seem small but it is a big deal in RvR. I've had it happen before and sometimes it is hard to tell in the heat of battle unless you go back and closely review your logs. Since this was a one on one it was easier to pick out.

Reproduction Steps

1. Not easily reproducible. I would say duel with someone attacking you and try multiple QC attempts until the bug is reproduced.

Intended Behavior

When QC is hit the next spell should cast and not be interrupted 100% of the time unless stunned/mezzed.



Also Blue's own words in the posts about bug starting a timer that interrupts quickcast



issue has been assigned to Abydos
priority: 1
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