4307: Encumbered Walking strafing to the right

Reported by ☆ Maorga at Thu, 29 Jun 2017 01:49:31 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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I'm high encumbered. 59/44, as I walk I move not straight, just like 45° to the right like I look North press the walking key and I move NE.
Also if I drop my Necklace +4 Str I move much faster und the ENC stands at 58/40. That have to be wrong

Reproduction Steps

1. Do an Mentalist with 40 Str
2. Wear a necklace "Choker of the bear" +4 Str
3. Just move (with and without necklace)

Intended Behavior

I would say no strafing, you have just to walk straight forward. Correct calculation auf encumbering and walkingspeed. Can't be higher if you get weaker.


The facts are you walk slower with less strength, but with more strength less encumbered I move faster and in one direction. With higher strength I move slower and not straight, more in 45 degree angle.


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