4303: Mentalist charming with 50+12 light spec

Reported by ☆ Striperrella at Wed, 28 Jun 2017 07:30:01 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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I've tried with 44+12 and with 50´+12 light spec as a mentalist to charm some pets.
I know there are various chants for various types of mobs. I remember back in the day to see mentlist running arround with orange and red mobs. Even today i see Minstrel with charmed lvl 54+ mobs and the charm doesn't resist/break as it does on Mentalist.

I honestly belive this is breaking RvR mentalist. Celeny played rr 11+ ment on live and he kinda reflect the same thought as I. We both play Mana ments at this moment because light is somekind Broke.

Once charmed, should it break charm on orange mob at all? (50+12 light magic)

Reproduction Steps

1. get stat cap
2. get 50+10; +11 ; or +12 light magic even
3. be full buffed from druid
4. try to charm lvl 53 and 53+ mobs

Intended Behavior

Once charmed orange mob it should break at all with 50+12 light..
Celeny even argue red mobs only break charm arround every 30min. < this is a lot compared to actual state of game.

Thanks in advance


can you actually remember otherwise ?

seen many charms break but not those of minstrels or sorc at this moment.


issue is new, and needs confirmation
requires 2 more confirmations
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