4293: Ministrel SOS give speed at mezzed players

Reported by ☆ Selvagginax at Thu, 22 Jun 2017 10:46:48 UTC
gamemechanic bug


You mezz all group of albs, ministrel purge and use sos, all albs can leave at speed 5 also if mezzed

Reproduction Steps

1. mezz alb group
2. ministrel purge and use sos
3. all albs can move at speed 5 also if mezzed

Intended Behavior

This a bug, in none patch can see this, albs can move at speed 5 onlyy if all is demezzed/unrooted


Need correct this bug plz, staff just try this in frontier


Issue was invalid:
Not a bug
0 players say this report is valid, 2 disagree


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