4292: battleground mobs needs more mobs

Reported by ☆ Cerrvantez at Wed, 21 Jun 2017 23:16:43 UTC
worldbuild bug


back in 2001 there were a lot more mobs in battlegrounds like Caledonia and thid. the goblins are gray con at lvl 15. barely any mobs to lvl with. and killing a lowbie only gives 1 realm point. I do remember there being a lot more mobs. please fix. this will also generate more rvr lvling up as well.

Reproduction Steps

1. place more mobs especially in the ruin part of bgs
2. give like 50 rps for keep take. not required but would be nice
3. more rps for killing an orange solo. only gives 1 rp

Intended Behavior

most important thing is that the battlegrounds get more mobs so it will give lowbies a place to level like on live back in 2001-2003. gives us the option to lvl in bgs and rvr in bgs instead of getting grey ganked by 50s.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VMyRkZWj-k this is a video of old frontier bgs. u will see that there are conned goblins when they gank the albs.


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