4290: Necro Facilitate Painworking reuse and icon timer not synced

Reported by ☆ Sneakyshade at Wed, 21 Jun 2017 14:46:59 UTC
gamemechanic bug
8 votes


When in combat with necro use of Facilitate Painworking straight after a swing it will grey out the icon and start its reuse timer. There is then some seconds before pet swings and uses it. When it is used the actual reuse time is started. This Means that after 30 seconds from clicking the icon the icon comes back and says spell is ready. How ever if it is less than 30 seconds from it actually used it it will bug out and the two times will really be off.

Reproduction Steps

1. Start combat and use icon with as much time before it will go off as possible
2. As it comes back be out of combat and click it immediatly

Intended Behavior

Grey out icon on actual use and not on click so the two times are always synced.


I can not belive that it is intended for the two timers are not synced.


issue has been confirmed
votes (priority): 8
7 players say this report is valid, 1 disagrees


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