4272: Glare mob glitches in Caille?

Reported by ☆ Aswriyanna at Thu, 15 Jun 2017 06:22:28 UTC
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There are several different problems regarding Glare, as part of the "Lysagh's Problem" Quest in Hibernia. These issues have been posted as comments in another issue about the "Lysagh's Problem" Quest(https://www2.uthgard.net/tracker/issue/810/@/Lysagh's_Problem_Quest_is_broken_at_step_1), but no specific Issue Tracker has been started specifically about Glare.

There are several irregularities about Glare's behavior that I'll try to document.

1) Glare attacks people at inappropriate times. She should only attack those who are at the appropriate step of the "Lysagh's Problem" quest (ie, after they have handed the green crystal over to Lysagh). This isn't always, the case, as I was attacked by Glare before I even received this quest (just leveling in Bri Leath) and when I was on the earlier steps of the quest (I was attacked by Glare once, when Lysagh was telling me that I should kill a Grass Sheerie and bring the green crystal to him). *Note* This was not likely due to someone else triggering Glare's arrival in Caille, as there were no other players in/around Lysagh/Caille at this time, there were no tombstones near/around Lysagh, and there was no kill log reporting that a player had been killed by Glare.

2) This may or may not be a glitch, as I don't recall from playing live many, many years ago, but Glare is able to enter houses/buildings in Caille and attack characters there. It may be possible for Glare to follow a player into a house/building once they've reached that step in the quest, but this happened before I'd received the Lysagh's Problem quest.

3) When I did get to the necessary step in the quest of having to fight Glare, I actually had to fight 2 Glares. The normal Glare showed up first with a fellow fury sprite in tow, but about 15-20 seconds later a second Glare joined the fight (without any accompanying fury sprites). Since Glare is a named mob, only one should be triggered at any given time against a single player (again, there were no other players in the area around Caille/Lysagh to've caused a second Glare to appear)

Reproduction Steps

2 Phases for Reproduction; one before accepting the "Lysagh's Problem" Quest (to see if the problem is Quest-based or not)....

1. Create a character and go to Caille in the Valley of Bri Leath
2. Interact with Lysagh or other NPCs in Caille
3. Observe whether Glare appears and attacks player

...and one after accepting the quest.

1. Create a character and visit Gemma in Tir na Nog to accept this quest
2. Go to Caille in Valley of Bri Leath and interact with Lysagh
3. Observe whether Glare appears/attacks players before they reach the appropriate step in the quest (ie after they hand the green crystal to Lysagh) and whether it is possible for multiple Glares to appear at the same time (and attack the same player)

Intended Behavior

Glare should be fixed so that she'll only appear once the appropriate conditions are met (when the player hands the green crystal to Lysagh). It seems that for now, any interaction with Lysagh has the possibility to trigger Glare to appear, so it needs to be specific to people who are at that particular point in the quest (and not at earlier steps, or just passing through the area).

It should still be possible for her to agro any other players in the area once she's been summoned, but the actual summoning should only happen when the proper conditions are met by some player in the area.


For Glare appearing/attacking prematurely:

It's only after you hand Lysagh the green crystal that he tells you to fight Glare (as he turns and runs away at this point). This is the simple cause-effect aspect that should trigger Glare's arrival, according to the Quest log.

For two Glares attacking the same character at one time:

Usually, named mobs only appear one-at-a-time (as there are many examples of this throughout the game), so it shouldn't be possible for two of the same named mobs to both appear at the same time and attack the same player simultaneously.


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