4270: Charge slot changes, when changing between 2h & 1h slot^^^^^

Reported by ☆ Yoona at Mon, 12 Jun 2017 22:04:19 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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I use a staff on my cleric in the 2handed slot. I put the dd charge of my right handed weapon on the qbar. When i try to use the dd charge on my qbar right now, it works normally. If i swap to my right+left handed weapons after putting the dd charge on my qbar during 2handed mode, the macro wants to use the left handed slot instead. The linked item of the macro changes again after swapping the slot twice. Then the macro tries to use the right handed slot again.
You can see the issue in the following video. Pay attention to the currently equipped weapon. Also pay attention to the behavior of the macro after swapping the currently used weapon twice.


Reproduction Steps

1. Equip a right handed weapon + left handed shield + a staff
2. Make sure you use the staff and that you are in 2handed mode
3. Put the dd charge of your right handed weapon on your qbar
4. Swap to your right + left handed slot
5. Try to use the macro for the dd charge on your qbar
6. Macro tries to use the left handed instead of previously linked right handed slot
7. Swap to 2handed slot and back
8. Use the macro for the dd charge again, macro uses right handed slot

Intended Behavior

The game should remember the linked item of the macro. If you put the charge of the right handed slot on your qbar, it shouldnt matter if you swap the weapon you are currently using. Currently the macro swaps between trying to use the left handed slot and right handed slot after 2 slot changes.


This is a game mechaninal bug, there is no reason for the macro to randomly swap its linked item


issue has been confirmed
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