4262: NS evade chain broken, hamstring doesnt trigger

Reported by ☆ Wilary at Mon, 05 Jun 2017 22:45:17 UTC
gamemechanic bug


Nightshades have an off evade chain, diamondback, hamstring and leaper.
Hamstring ability should be able to chain after a successful diamondback attack hits. If equipped with a weapon and buffs that give max attack speed, you are able to cast DB, HS, and leap, and then a second DB. The HS used after this second DB (which hits) will fail.

Reproduction Steps

1. get a Nightshade to 29 CS spec, with maxed attack speed
2. use the off evade chain (Diamondback, Hamstring, Leaper) on an enemy,
3. Attempt to restart the chain by using Diamondback (and hit)
4. Attempt to follow up with Hamstring, and fail.

Intended Behavior

Check to see if Hamstring has a timer requirement attached to the evade, or if it is attached to the diamondback ability.


should be evident, if Hamstring works off Diamondback once, it should do it again, whether you went through the chain once or twice or three times. As long as first attack in chain hits, second should be able to trigger.


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