4253: Grand Summoner / Shade of Aelfgar Porting and Resetting

Reported by ☆ x7n at Mon, 29 May 2017 22:39:35 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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1. Shade of Aelfgar is registered as being spawned even if he is not currently spawned. During the fight with the Grand Summoner this causes porting to happen as if he were up and engaged. I know this, because I have seen the Shade of Aelfgar's message before he ports displayed when he is not up while fighting the Grand Summoner. He does not always display the message either, you simply just get ported continuously throughout the fight.

This is an issue because clearly the encounter is not working as designed as well as the fact that you have a broken mob with the shade.

2. The pathing with the Grand Summoner is flawed. You cannot really maneuver him around. For instance, if I pull him with my pet and then slowly bring the pet back little by little, he will quickly reset, even though I am within his non-reset domain. Other times he will chase slightly further than his reset domain, as well as function in other odd ways when pathing.

This is an issue because again, the encounter is not working within the designed parameters.

Reproduction Steps

1. I believe a failed fight with the Grand Summoner going below 90% is what causes this to happen. It is my understanding that there is a way to have the mobs on the side pedestals spawn, and then despawn without actually creating the Shade of Aelfgar mob. I believe this is the root cause of the problem. Essentially the Shade should be created but due to a bug, is not. However, the game still links him to the Grand Summoner despite not being visibly spawned or a part of the fight. Once you actually spawn the Shade of Aelfgar and kill the Shade of Aelfgar, you are no longer ported while fighting the Grand Summoner. I have confirmed that on 3 separate occasions while witnessing the Grand Summoner porting you on numerous occasions without the Shade of Aelfgar spawned.

2. All you need to do is pull him and watch his behavior as you try to run him off. It is my understanding that he should go as far as the tiles towards the Albion side. He will chase down that far, but you cannot bring him back that far without him resetting. Use a pet and see how easily you lose aggro on him.

Intended Behavior

1. Fix whatever causes the Grand Summoner/Shade of Aelfgar to port you when the Shade of Aelfgar is not spawned.

2. Fix the pathing of the Grand Summoner so he does not immediately reset when he is not hitting something.


I do not have any specific screen shot proof as I am busy trying to survive the encounter at those points, however I have several people who can confirm. In Hibernia, Tinh, Liseann, Kalli, Skullbone, Sod, and Korba just to name a few.

This is not hard to replicate, the encounter always produces these results.


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