4249: Battleground Capture Quest bugged, can't complete

Reported by ☆ Norseka at Sun, 28 May 2017 17:37:45 UTC
worldbuild bug
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Take BG quest from Osten in Jordheim. Step 1: Capture BG keep. Step 2: Acquire enough realm points to cap for that battleground. For this instance I was testing the 15-19 battleground Abermenai. I took the keep and progressed the quest to step 2. I found no enemies to fight so I leveled to 20 and went to the next BG thidranki. According to patch notes this should be possible as the level range for the quest is 15-19 plus one level so level 20 should be included. When I capped realm points the quest did not progress and when i returned to Osten I got a message I failed the quest and the quest was removed from quest journal.

Reproduction Steps

1. Take BG quest from Osten in Jordheim 15-19 (all bgs quests could be behaving this way though)
2.Take the keep in bg to proceed to step 2
3.Cap realm points for that battleground, in this case should be possible at levels 15-20. When I capped realm points at level 20 the quest did not progress.

Intended Behavior

Step 2 of the quest which is capping realm points should be possible at the level range of the battleground plus one level. Abermenai should be levels 15-20. Step 3 of the quest should then be receiving a battleground medallion of valor which is turned in for about a levels worth of experience.





issue has been confirmed
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