4243: Necromancer baseline strength buff is casted by shade

Reported by ☆ Nekrotaenzer at Sat, 27 May 2017 14:46:56 UTC
gamemechanic bug


The baseline stregth buff spell ('XYZ' of the Dead) from the death servant line is casted by the necromancer shade, instead of the servant as it is outlined in the spell description.

Therefore it is possible to cast the spell while your pet is in close combat.

Reproduction Steps

1. Summon a servant
2. Cast a strength buff
3. Watch as the shade conducts the spellcast.

Intended Behavior

Change the spell mechanics accordingly to the description, so that the spell is casted by the servant instead of the necromancer shade.


The strength buff spell mechanic contradicts the description.

The baseline dex buff spell works as described.


Issue was invalid:
Working as Intended
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