4236: Hastener at Snowdonia Fortress is missing

Reported by ☆ Bracnogard at Wed, 24 May 2017 01:32:56 UTC
worldbuild bug


Since earlier today, I've noticed that there is no Hastener outside of Snowdonia Fortress. I have checked inside the keep walls, in the courtyard, and on the Black Mountain North side, and cannot find the Hastener.

Reproduction Steps

1. Travel to Snowdonia Fortress
2. Go through the gate into Snowdonia, and look for the Hastener.
3. Notice that the Hastener is not there.

Intended Behavior

Investigate why the Hastener is missing (spawned under terrain, was killed, despawned, etc.) and correct the issue so that Hastener does not disappear.


Unable to take screenshot at this time, but if you look at Snowdonia Fortress you can see that it is missing.


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