4219: Cannot purchase directly from the Market Explorer

Reported by ☆☆☆ Zorz at Tue, 16 May 2017 09:46:53 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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I cannot purchase potions directly from the market explorer. When I click on the item and the button to purchase, the player's merchant window pops up along with the popup informing me of the 20% fee for buying at the market explorer. However, when I select an item in that merchant window and click the buy button, nothing happens.

Reproduction Steps

1. Search for an item at the market explorer (I was trying to buy dex pots)
2. Click on the button to purchase the item from the market explorer.
3. Click the item you want to buy in the player's merchant window that pops up. Click the buy button and nothing happens.

Intended Behavior

You should be able to purchase items directly from the market explorer for the standard 20% fee.


It was working before the reboot and there are still buy buttons as well as a pop-up informing you of the 20% fee.


issue was resolved by Blue
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