4217: Moran the mighty cannot be hit in melee combat after tossing

Reported by ☆ Bissel at Mon, 15 May 2017 14:12:18 UTC
gamemechanic bug


when fighting Moran the mighty in Dartmoor with a full group or more I have noticed that he bugs out after tossing my paladin when he's main tanking. after I'm tossed he will be unhittable in melee combat by myself and other melee characters. I will get a message saying he is too far away to hit and this causes him to immediately start chain casting an area of effect nuke and he will quickly wipe a party. theuragist pets will hit him but this doesn't fix the bug or stop him from chain casting. this issue is recent as I have done this encounter a few weeks ago with less people and had no trouble with him.

Reproduction Steps

1. gather a full group with a main tank class to hold Moran's aggro
2. wait for him to toss you, and he will I'm invariably tossed within a few minutes of starting the fight almost every time
3. run back to engage Moran and notice that he can't be struck in melee combat any more. stand there and watch helplessly as Moran precedes to nuke your party to death because you can't interrupt him or withstand his area effect nukes for very long.

Intended Behavior

a few weeks ago when I did this encounter Moran could be struck in combat after being tossed and he would stop nuking once the tank was in melee range again. restore him to the previous script and it should be fine again.


I will happily take my guild out to Dartmoor again to show a dev the bug. we tried the encounter three times with the same issue and reported it and waited in Dartmoor for a dev to arrive so we could run the event in front of them but never had a response but if it leads fixing this then we'll do it again it is undeniably a bug and was working mere weeks ago please fix ita hard enough getting template items on alb as it is without the game breaking bugs


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