4202: two hand dmg in Alb is too low needs 40% increase

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gamemechanic bug
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This is the formula for 100 % base dmg = EDPS * (your WS/target AF) * (1-absorb) * slow weap bonus * SPD * 2h weapon bonus

Knowing that is the 100% mark referred by the weapon specialization section. If you are completely unspecced, then the damage variance of your weapon will fall between 25-125% of this 100% mark. If you are fully specced (or overspecced), then the damage variance will be 100-150% of this mark

taken from here http://talsyra.tripod.com/daocmechanics ... anics.html , PA in uthg and many other have been determined by the calculations from this web site because its very accurate and thrustworthy.

Two hand dmg : my arms 57 pole spec , 51 composite slash buffed 1918 Weap skill, 5.8 spd pole , effective dps of weap 16.0 VS a cleric 635 AF ,19% absorb did today a number of hits and i found out Min dmg 226 shown 161(-65) and max dmg 316 shown 225(-91) thats from 100% to 140% dmg variation .

16.0 x (1918/635) x 0.73 x 1.114 x 5.8 x 1.385= 315.70 dmg is the dmg 100% and it should go up to 150% variance 474 dmg .

Look at this 16.0 x (1918/635) x 0.73 x 1.114 x 5.8 = 227.95 dmg almost exactly the dmg 226 i found when testing on uthg , they havent put 2h weapon bonus = (1.1 + (0.005 x 2-hand Spec) ) in ecuation which brings min dmg to 315.70 dmg.

Thus , on Uthg min=226 and max=316 , when actually min dmg should be 315.7 and max 474 dmg, 40 % dmg difference NERF for 2h at the moment!!!

Reproduction Steps

1.make an arms and a cleric , spec em like i did above
2. make a duel test and compare min and max dmg from armsman with formula from the website i ve given

Intended Behavior

Check formula and add 2h weapon bonus = (1.1 + (0.005 x 2-hand Spec) if you havent in 2h dmg base dmg calcualtion or increase it by 40% , i dont know what have they messed up that the dmg is so low.


I have evidence chat logs for tests done on Uthg, i l put pics with my arms stats , and the formula taken from here: http://talsyra.tripod.com/daocmechanics/base_damage_mechanics.html showing how much the dmg should actually be.

2h testing Uthg : http://i.imgur.com/k82qj3q.jpg
1h testing Uthg : http://i.imgur.com/kIqw372.jpg

I Think that many have felt that melee dmg is too low , this is the proof for it , we r hiting enemy casters fully bufed with 5.8 spd weapons using our best back style for 350 dmg(-???) its just not the dmg you d expect .

I dont know if the problem is in midgard or hibernia aswell , devs can check i only play albion.


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