4201: Rain of Fire RA not giving near 10% dmg as tool tip says.

Reported by ☆ Made at Tue, 09 May 2017 18:24:48 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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The Rain Of fire (RoF) Realm ability promises 10% pr lvl of the RA as additional fire dmg.
On my Valewalker i figured this would be viable, and went for RoF2 and expecting 20%.
After the first encounter with an enemy i got 2 extra dmg on a 100 dmg hit.
Tested it afterwards on a naked guildie with 0 resses .. 249 dmg and 4-6 extra dmg
This is not 10% or 20% at all my brain tells me.

Reproduction Steps

1. Get the realm ability Rain of Fire lvl 2.
2. Test on gullable guildie after convincing him its awesome.
3. Get dissapointed and look like a cretin infront of said guildie.

Intended Behavior

The intended behavior should be as the tooltip says 10% atleast (says this no matter what level you get) and not 2-3% on someone with zero resistances.


Tool tip says: Adds a 10% per level heat damage-add to non-magical attacks.

This is defniatly not the case.


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