4197: Animist spell "Circle of Rage" dmg not calculated correctly

Reported by ☆ Madefiire at Mon, 08 May 2017 22:38:37 UTC
gamemechanic bug


AoE Bomber "Circle of Rage" hitting 3 targets. For 1 of them dmg was reduced by a factor of 20 in every cast.

Reproduction Steps

1. Travel to Cliffs of Moher (loc=26k,45k) with Animist lvl 43.
2. Cast "Circle of Rage" on multiple Vehement Guardians.

Intended Behavior

Mobs with same lvl and same resists should get same dmg from same spells.
especially in case of aoe hits.


I cant give any proof. but a factor 20 dmg difference for same named, same colored mobs should proof it self as no correct calculation. just cause its a fun killing guaranteed death for an clothie. If this issue occurs in RVR too, then Animists are nearly unplayable and for sure not worth to.


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