4193: Abolishment of Sacrifice - Twintower guards not updating

Reported by Jorim at Mon, 08 May 2017 15:19:22 UTC
worldbuild bug
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I'm trying to progress on the epic quest line for paladins, this is regarding 'Abolishment of Sacrifice". Where step two requires you to speak to guards by the twin towers in black mountain south. None of the four guards will speak of Harish as they're suppose to, nor do they respond to the /where command. I'm unable to continue on the epic quests until this is resolved =\

Reproduction Steps

1. Roll pally
2. Do the lv 15 epic quest for pally.
3. Find bug.

Intended Behavior

Bug should be fixed by well, fixing the guards I imagine? Maybe the event string or w/e broke in an update, or those guards are just buggy and the server needs a reset.


Well, my proof is that I can't complete the quest on my end, really? Wouldn't be mentioning if it not.


issue is new, and needs confirmation
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