4188: Engage ability doesnt work because of bleed style effect

Reported by ★ Disrupter at Sun, 07 May 2017 23:21:34 UTC
gamemechanic bug


Bleed effect on my previous style doesnt allow me to use engage ability on the target i get a message that " has been under atacked and cant be engaged right now " , its a 6 dmg bleed from my style , no1 elese is ataking him . If he atacks me and puts himself in combat i should be able to engage him , melee or archer and so on .

Reproduction Steps

1. make an arms lvl 50 and another character that can style
2. make a duel
3. use defender rage style on target and then try to engage it , you cant because of bleed

Intended Behavior

Bleed effect from my own style should not prevent me to engage an enemy player that is atacking me as long as there s no one else atacking him at the same time .


I played arms on live and i could use engage on a target with bleed or non bleed on it at any point in a fight as long as no one else was atacking it .



You can see how my bleed efect from def rage style isnt alowing me to use engage ability because.


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