4142: Fagan's Signet Ring "fails to affect you"

Reported by ☆☆☆ Blig at Mon, 24 Apr 2017 04:22:10 UTC
worldbuild bug


Whilde doing the Bard/Champion/Enchanter/Nightshade Epic quests, you get "Fagan's Signet Ring" at some point, which is a quest item that has to be equipped (ring slot, Level 17) and has some stats:

Intelligence: 7 pts
Dexterity: 7 pts
Quickness: 7 pts

When equipping this ring (as a level 20 character, so the ring is blue), I get the message:

> The magic of the Fagan's Signet Ring fails to affect you.

Reproduction Steps

1. Make the epic quests, get Fagan's Signet Ring.
2. Equip the ring.
3. Notice that the ring's stats don't work.

Intended Behavior

The ring's stats should work for any character level that gets the ring (it can't be traded).

As the ring has to be equipped for several steps (including where you have to fight), it makes sense that the stats should work because you are missing a ring slot otherwise.


No evidence.

If, for some reason, the stats should not work for characters doing the quest, why does it show them?


Issue is a duplicate: #3206
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