4122: Mobs behind invisible walls run away when attacked

Reported by ☆☆☆ Blig at Thu, 20 Apr 2017 16:43:54 UTC
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Mobs might stand/walk behind invisible walls (at zone borders) so that players can't get to them or attack them with melee (which is working as intended),


if players attack them with spells or ranged weapons, these mobs don't run directly to the attacking player. Instead, the attacked mobs run away like crazy.

(I'm not sure, but I guess they run along the invisible wall, looking for an exit. Also got the impression that they are faster than usually, but not sure about that either.)

Reproduction Steps

1. Go to the hill behind Mag Mell, near the zone border, where spraggons spawn.
2. Pick out a spraggon that stands behind the invisible wall.
3. Attack it with a spell.

You'll see that the spraggon runs away along the invisible wall. It doesn't attack you.

Intended Behavior

The attacked mob should run directly to the player (unless there are visible obstacles, of course), ignoring invisible walls.


The issue is the same as https://www2.uthgard.net/tracker/issue/167/@/Huge_invisible_wall_behind_Mag_Mell -- Gnome mentioned:

> You can still kill them if you pull them with ranged attacks.

But this is not the case (at least not in my tests), as pulling doesn't work.

I have no other evidence than my memory. I can't remember mobs running far (!) away after being attacked; sometimes they chose strange paths, but never that extreme.


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