4099: Bad: Can't progress on Bard/Champ/Ench/NS epic

Reported by ☆ Mutsu at Sun, 16 Apr 2017 18:32:21 UTC
worldbuild bug
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The mob "Mad Sprite" required for the first epic step (Strange Matters Indeed, level 7) is nowhere to be found any more. Neither at the newer loc (Lough Derg 14k, 9k) nor at the older (correct for this patch afaik and it used to spawn here until some time ago it stopped apparently) loc (Lough Derg 12k, 29k) at the lake NW of Tir na mBeo.
I can't say if the respawn is broken (or way too slow/rare) or if it spawns inside a tree or underground or at a different loc alltogether, but I and many others have been looking for it for days now, spending up to 24 ingame hours searching the whole area, also killing mobs of the same type to allow for respawn, without success.

Reproduction Steps

1. Accept the quest "Strange Matters Indeed" from your trainer as a level 7+ Bard, Champion, Enchanter or Nightshade.
2. Proceed to the described location where the Mad Sprite used to be (lake NW of Tir na mBeo).
3. Mad Sprite nowhere to be found.

Intended Behavior

Mad Sprite should spawn (often/reliably enough) to allow progression of the quest in a timely fashion (have not found anything in regards to special spawning criteria such as night spawn only).


newer loc:
old (correct) loc:


issue was resolved by Genjiro
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