4089: widower hunt (mid): Widower should be level 20

Reported by 🌟 Meanec at Sat, 15 Apr 2017 08:38:55 UTC
worldbuild bug


get to the step were you have to kill Widower near Spindelhalla entrance. He cons red to level 21.
According Atlas, he should be level 20 (according ZAM 23-24, so just orange to level 21

Reproduction Steps

1. get quest widower hunt
2. follow the steps
3. see the level of Widower

Intended Behavior

According Atlas Widower should be level 20 not 25+
According ZAM (quest descriprion) Widower is level 23-24


tried Widower with my shaman. i killed a lot of mobs solo, but Widower was not possible (maybe just too much hitpoints)


Issue was invalid:
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