4077: "Summoner Expulsion" quest unimplemented or not triggering

Reported by ☆ Oingus at Thu, 13 Apr 2017 13:50:41 UTC
worldbuild bug
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According to the given source, Etain in Mag Mell should give a magician quest for lvl 4 magicians. The goal is to kill the summoner near-by, with a +3 int staff as a reward.

It appears that the summoner does spawn, so this quest may have been left unimplemented because of missing story text. The summoner may or may not be too weak. While people are saying in 2002 that the summoner is deadly at lvl 5, 1.46 patchnotes say: "The Summoner has been tuned to be not quite so deadly to low level questers." At lvl 4 I was able to spam gleam blast at him and I wasn't hit once before he dropped.

Reproduction Steps

As a level four magician, right click on Etain in Mag Mell. She should give give you the quest here.

Intended Behavior

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a source for the original story text. However, there's a later quest in the same area with the exact same goal. Probably the context of the quest was changed slightly so any class could do it. Unless both quests are still on live (seems doubtful to me...), the original text may be lost forever.

However, if a little reconstruction isn't against your policy, you might adapt the new text to the old quest. If not, this issue can be closed, but I'll leave that page in the sources just in case.







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