4065: Scouts Crit Shot interuppting by slamed targets

Reported by ☆ Ros at Mon, 10 Apr 2017 19:28:16 UTC
gamemechanic bug
5 votes


When i slam target, switch to bow and try to hit with Crit shot, my slamed target interuppting me. Sometimes twice, sometimes 3 times....

Reproduction Steps

1. Make scout lvl50
2. learn shield 42+ and bow 40+
3. do duell vs someone, let him to hit u and slam target then
4. take bow in hands and try to Crit shot him
5. u will fail cause he interuppting u

Intended Behavior

How to fix? no idea, but its bug. Sometimes target runpting once, maybe its normal, but twice or 3 times? no way...


looked for Facts but unfortunately cant find so fast something about this problem...


issue has been confirmed
votes (priority): 5
3 players say this report is valid, 1 disagrees


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