4064: "Dodger" (trophy mob) not dropping remains after 35+ kills

Reported by ☆ Prettypinkunicorns at Mon, 10 Apr 2017 18:39:13 UTC
worldbuild bug


"Dodger" a named badger trophy mob found at 4000 57000 in Mount Collory not dropping Remains after 35+ kills.

Reproduction Steps

1. Find and kill "Dodger" the named badger in 4k 57k Mount Collory
2. Kill him 35+ times
3. be sad about no remains dropping

Intended Behavior

Checking his loot table for remains, only received coins and ROG items


I know remains from trophy monsters can be a bit rare on Uthgard, but 35+ kills on the same trophy monster, and no remains dropping seems off.


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