4055: Riding on a horse is not a direct route, ports around

Reported by ☆ Dystemper at Sat, 08 Apr 2017 20:27:43 UTC
worldbuild bug


Not sure if this is particular to just Hib or not, but here goes...

Took a horse from DL to North TNN and it kept ping ponging back and forth, running a few feet, then turning around the other way for a few feet, then going for a while in the right direction, then rinse repeat.

Then i take a horse to IC from TNN North and it gets way worse, like porting my outside of the normal path a few feet away then correcting, then a bit of random stuttering and then correcting. i even wound up in the water near Connalla and up on the hills thru the winding path.

maybe it's just me, FML, right? :P

Reproduction Steps

1. Buy a horse ticket from DL to N TNN or N TNN to IC and watch.

Intended Behavior

i have no idea, your the guys that write the code.


My guildy saw me going back and forth on a horse, he is a pretty honest guy.


Issue was invalid:
works for me
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