4047: Jerkin of True Purpose not salvageable, no coins on sell-MID

Reported by Kejser at Fri, 07 Apr 2017 10:59:50 UTC
worldbuild bug
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When trying to salvage Jerkin of True Purpose, it says "You cannot salvage this item." Upon selling the item, the merchant takes the item, but you don't receive any coins for it.

Reproduction Steps

1. Get the Jerkin of True Purpose from killing Werewolf Warders in Skona Ravine.(Midgard) They can be found near Varulvhamn(Dungeon).
2. Try salvage the item.
3. Try sell the item.

Intended Behavior

Jerkin of True Purpose should give adamantium when salvaged (what amount I can't say).
It should also give coins when selling the item (what amount I can't say)


Got a video evidence. That should be enough? https://youtu.be/KDA6Ezy3AEY?t=7s .


issue was resolved by Cirdan
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