4041: SH LA Drop 'Cleaver of Eternal Retribution' dmg seems bugged

Reported by ☆ Highfive at Thu, 06 Apr 2017 16:13:50 UTC
worldbuild bug


Attacking with above Cleaver equipped on a 50 Zerk with 44+16 in LA, the Damage it deals is between 30-40 which is way lower then it should be, i compared it with a 99% 2,9spd LA which did 70+ atleast and the Cleaver of Eternal Retribution should deal more then that.

Reproduction Steps

1. Equip Cleaver of Eternal Retribution
2. Hit mobs with it
3. Hit mobs with a different comparable weapon

Intended Behavior

rebalance the Damage of the Cleaver to what it should be.

I dont know if it is possible to do an exact crafted copy of the cleaver, which could be used to adjust the damage.


I guess nothing to say here caus its basicly obvious that the Damage delivered from the weapon isnt working as it should be


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