4036: Armor Factor bugging out after deaths

Reported by ★★ Yint at Tue, 04 Apr 2017 22:05:05 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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For the past few weeks I've noticed strange behavior of my characters AF value fluctuating on char sheet, Aside from the normal AF loss from gear con loss, AF has been cut by hundreds and is affecting damage taken by players.

My character with Current AF value of 584 with no buffs (level 51 MP RF with some con loss 98%,99% etc) was seeing a value of 342 upon res/release. Tested in a duel with this glitch up and it was indeed affecting damage taken and was not just a UI glitch.

I have been using Alchemy AF charges, Base ranger AF buff, and i've been dying. Those are the only things i can relate to the bug currently. I haven't noticed it on other characters besides my ranger though.

NOTE: my bugged AF of 342 is exactly half of my fully buffed AF with base ranger AF buff + alch spec AF buff 684. May be a bug related to the alch charge.

CHATLOG: duel a ns with only one weapon in hand 51 composite pierce spec.

CHATLOG: some perfs from ns with bugged AF

CHATLOG: Duel same ns with same single weapon after relogging to fix bug. perfs at end

Screenshots with bugged AF+dmg taken

Screenshots after relog fixed af+dmg taken

Reproduction Steps

1. spec af, base af, DIE???
2. Sometimes af gets bugged out...

Intended Behavior

AF should remain the same after death and not become reduced.


Min 50 chars, AF should not be getting reduced from deaths and level 51 RF 99% should never be in the 300s (unless possibly completely all 70% con)


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