4014: Quest Scura Tragedia

Reported by Anzo at Fri, 31 Mar 2017 23:08:27 UTC
worldbuild bug
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I'm at step 7 of sorcerer quest SCURA TRAGEDIA and i have to perform an incantation to summon a spirit. I do reserch on the web and it says that to perform the incantation, the npc Olorustos had to give me a book and the ring that i have from the begining. I only have the ring in my inventory, i didn't sell it or destroy or drop and when i try to do the incantation by night, it doesn't work. I'm stuck. Can you help please ?

Reproduction Steps

1. Start the sorcerer quest SCURA TRAGEDIA (level 15 quest)
2. Follow every step to the npc Olorustos
3. Go to the broken tower at Cornwall by night to do the incantation

Intended Behavior

Assure that the npc give the book for the incantation for other players.
For me : give me the book in my inventory in order to finish my quest
My player sorcerer name : Warrang


You can look in my inventory and my vault keeper, i don't have the book and i think that's why i can complete the step 7.


issue was resolved by Gnome
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