3943: Morvel Mauler DD Proc is broken (does not trigger)

Reported by ☆ Exhumador at Sat, 18 Mar 2017 14:17:32 UTC
worldbuild bug


Morvel Mauler is maze with a DD Proc which never triggers. I used it quite a lot with my Cleric and never saw the proc happening

Reproduction Steps

1. Equip the item on a Cleric (Albion)
2. Melee fight MOBs
3. Check that the DD Proc doesn't happen

I don't know if there are fight logs that can be sent somehow sorry

Intended Behavior

Having the DD proc triggering should fix the issue


I've been melee fighting with the item on my Cleric for hours and couldn't see it the proc triggering


Issue was invalid:
Closed by reporter
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