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3942: Agro on Hunter pet while stealthed bugged

Reported by ★ Darmas at Sat, 18 Mar 2017 11:50:27 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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needs more data


If a Hunter has a pet while he is in stealth, the pet can be commanded to do the Hunters bidding without any consequence for the owner unless he is uncovered or joins the fight.

This normal behavior does no function on Uthgard when it comes to pet vs another pet. If the pet is attacked and dies the agro rule should go back to zero, because the Hunter is still stealthed and did not attack.
Thats not the case here, the Hunter will get immediate agro when his pet dies.

Reproduction Steps

1. Make a Hunter lvl 50 with 50 stealth.
2. go to stealth on hunter after summoning a pet and make it attack a sorc with a charmed pet.
3. let the Hunter's pet die and see the agro automatically turn to the stealthed hunter.

see this video for my experience: http://plays.tv/s/LBoQh7sFdvPt

Intended Behavior

There is an agro code that overwrites stealth rules so pets can see the Hunter even though he was in stealth. this rule should only be so if the Hunter uncovers himself in front of the enemy pet.
make sure this agro code does not overwrite stealth rules out of combat.


It's is the hard part as there are very few videos on youtube or archive about this behavior. I have been searching for proper proof but many people have agreed with my claims after seeing the video I've made.


issue has been assigned to Genjiro
priority: 12
5 players say this report is valid, 1 disagrees


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