3936: Impossible to reach 1165 Crafting skill (?) as a Tailor

Reported by ☆ Rem at Thu, 16 Mar 2017 16:49:23 UTC
gamemechanic bug


I have 1164skill as a Tailor (Alb) and, even after crafting 70+ green recipe (silksteel regal robe) I did not get the last skillpoint to make it turn grey

Reproduction Steps

1. Create a Tailor
2. Reach 1164 Skill
3. Try to reach 1165 Skill by crafting the only green recipe available

Intended Behavior

I'm not completely sure that this is a bug, but better safe than sorry.
Make reaching 1165 skill available


I personally tried 70+ times crafting the robe and i did not get the skill point, which is kinda weird.


Issue was invalid:
Closed by reporter
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