3929: Issue Tracker Search - not working

Reported by ★ Stonerose at Wed, 15 Mar 2017 08:46:37 UTC
website bug
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A while back I had to switch to the "www2.uthgard.net" domain for the launcher.

Now when I do a search for an issue I get links that point back to the old "uthgard.org" domain. If you click on the links they take you to the home page on the new domain.

It is possible to edit the links or at least see which issue they refer to but it would be nice if the links were correct.

I also wonder if the latest issues are being searched if they are only on the www2.uthgard.net domain

Reproduction Steps

1. Click on the "Issue Tracker" link on the home page.
2. Enter a topic to search, like "Issue Tracker".
3. Click on the one of the issue links.
4. You will be back at the home page.

Intended Behavior

Change the search system so it returns links that will take you to the appropriate issue on the "www2.uthgrad.net" domain.


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priority: 1
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