3927: Aylesbury horse merchant not opening window to sell tickets.

Reported by Auroc at Wed, 15 Mar 2017 01:41:27 UTC
worldbuild bug


The lower middle Albion housing zone, Aylesbury, horse merchant does not open her window to sell. She is the main horse merchant(stable master) located at the center of the zone at the market. When clicking on her to open her inventory to purchase a horse ticket the window does not open. If you move around her and click she will look at you but won't open the window to sell. To leave the housing area you either have to run to the next zone's market or find a unlocked house with a teleporter merchant.

Reproduction Steps

1. Enter the housing zone in Albion.
2. Take a horse to Aylesbury.
3. Interact with the stable master.

Intended Behavior

Just need her to open her window to sell. She seems to be registering the interaction when I click on her, as she moves to look at me.


The other stable masters work, also the other merchants at the market in Aylesbury work.


Issue is a duplicate: #dupe
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