3878: Lustrous Black Orm Scaled Shield - (Salvage: 1 asterite)

Reported by ☆ Valerion at Thu, 09 Mar 2017 16:07:26 UTC
worldbuild bug
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Just salvaged a Lustrous Black Orm Scaled Shield and hot only 1 asterite. My salvage skill is 900 metalworking and shield is lvl. 40 , so mat should be asterite but the value seems quite too low for a large shield.

Reproduction Steps

1.Salvage a Lustrous Black Orm Scaled Shield with at least 800+ metalworking skill
2.Compare salvage value with other shield drops & crafted shields recipes

Intended Behavior

Adjust the salvage gain and improve the value if you agree that the amount is
too small at the moment.


I ´ve no proof, afaik you get half of the original mats when you salvage with max skill, shields are probably not made of 2 metal bars metal (compare with crafted shields).


issue has been assigned to Cirdan
priority: 0
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