3871: It is possible to parry Tylwyth Teg rover's ranged attack

Reported by ★ Lise at Wed, 08 Mar 2017 19:25:45 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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Aggro'ed a Tylwyth Teg rover in Snowdonia, parried one of its ranged attacks.


It *may* affect all NPCs, such as keep archers (untested).

Reproduction Steps

Get in the aggro range of a Tylwyth Teg rover (or possibly any NPC with a ranged attack) with a character having parry capabilities, wait until you parry a ranged attack.

Intended Behavior

Parrying ranged attacks shouldn't be possible.


I couldn't find any information about Parry against NPCs, if it is supposed to work on ranged attacks or not. But it simply doesn't seem correct.

If someone is able to provide a screenshot showing it happening back in the days, it would invalidate this issue.


issue is new, and needs confirmation
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