3863: Spiritmaster Pet Proc Stun immunity timer bug!

Reported by ☆ Hexohm at Wed, 08 Mar 2017 07:55:27 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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First of all im sorry about my bad english its hard to explain my self ill give it a try

im a spiritmaster
my friend is a shaman

100 hits pet -> shaman

every time the stun came and the shaman have a immunity timer of 1 min


Ein 4 Sekunden Stun, der keinen Immunity-Timer auslöst (Chainstun theoretisch möglich) - erkennbar an den roten Linien, die sich kugelförmig um das Ziel drehen. Wenn man nah genug am Gegner steht, sieht man auch die entsprechende Textnachricht.

but the pet cant stun twice cause of the immunity timer the stun came after the immunity of 1 min again but that arnt the right stun of the pet if the sm is lucky the stun can chain stun but this isnt possible atm please fix it

Reproduction Steps

1. hit your mate with the sm pet for about 100+ hits and you will see the immunity!

Intended Behavior

The pet is able to stun without immunity so its theory possible to chain stun if the Sm is lucky but this isnt possible at the moment so i beg you to fix the spiritmaster pet



A 4 seconds interval stun which does not trigger an immunity timer (the chainstun is theoretically possible) - recognizable by the red lines, which are spherical around the target. If you are close enough to the opponent, you can also see the corresponding text message.


Looked for movies from yt but there are no old movies left


issue was resolved by Genjiro
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