3858: Lone Weeping Willow..Midgard RM/BD quest mob MIA

Reported by Fyre at Tue, 07 Mar 2017 19:07:18 UTC
worldbuild bug
4 votes


Runes of Darkness quest for Rm and BD. You have to kill a mob named Lone Weeping Willow. IS is located, normally, just south of GNA Faste tower. I have been here for 3 day cycles and he hasnt spawned.

Reproduction Steps

1. Camped willows for 3 days
2. asked other players that are also looking for him
3. Asked in guildchat and broadcast near GNA..

No one has seen him.

Intended Behavior

Respawn him please? Lots of people looking for him.


Proof of mob missing? Been here for 3-4 days looking.


issue has been confirmed
votes (priority): 4
3 players say this report is valid, 2 disagree


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